Pass You F1 Visa Interview

This course is the best to help you Pass You F1 Visa Interview the First Time. There's lots of personal coaching and interaction.

Congratulations: You have been accepted to a college or university.

You are going on a big adventure very soon. Very soon!

This Course is really easy to follow once you start.  We will communicate back and forth all the time.  The directions below seem complicated but it will be super easy to follow..  

You get accepted,

receive your I-20,

schedule an USA Embassy interview,

and are in the USA 6 weeks later.

I think this is great. No messing around! Let's Go!

Often there is little time between the start of the school and when your interview is scheduled to take place.  Do you have an interview scheduled? 

  After you pass the interview, buy an airplane ticket, and go.

Normally, you get an acceptance letter which is followed by the documents within a week.

In these documents is your I-20 form. (Very Important)

You are nervous and excited.

This is normal.

Maybe confused?

We must work fast and pass the test the 1st time.

In order help you to achieve this goal:

You Will:

  • Fill out the Survey so we can understand your situation.
  • We will respond personally explaining your situation.
  • Answer the Questions so we can evaluate what you need.
  • We will send you another personal study plan email.
  • We will also provide some reading and resources you can look at.
  • Now you are ready for your first Skype Lesson with me:)
  • We'll make friends
  • Test your speaking and answers
  • correct some problems,
  • and identify exactly how you need to improve.
  • You will get another personal email explaining in detail.
  • When you are ready we'll have a 2nd Skype Lesson.
  • This will test your ability under pressure. We will help you understand every problem.
  • Why are we so strict?
  • Because your interview will only last a couple minutes.
  • if you make a mistake, the Embassy Interviewer will know.
  • Don't Worry! That is why your taking this course.
  • Our students know how to answer!
  • Now you have taken a lesson and have been criticized
  • and you don't feel so great.
  • I am sorry!

At this point you will get another personal email explaining what you need to do at this point to pass the interview.

  • Follow the advice in the email.
  • If you do't understand send us an email or ask in the
  • Private Face Book Group
  • and you will get an answer quickly.
  • You should practice with your family, in front of a mirror,
  • repeat answers and questions over an over
  • until your sick of hearing about all the questions.
  • Finally we have our 3rd Skype Lesson.
  • After this lesson we will right away of you are ready.
Being Ready is when:
  • 1. You understand the questions give a short targeted answer.
  • 2. You understand the way to answer.
  • 3. You look confident and strong.
  • 4. I know you will pass.
  • When you reach this point,
  • You should feel good,
  • feel excited and happy!
  • Your interview will only last 2-3 minutes.
  • That is so fast,
  • and You Will Pass

A Couple Notes:

The documents from the school explain the costs and conditions.

Read these carefully to make sure they match what you think.

Sometimes the costs or scholarship amount is not the same as you think.

There also may be conditions that you are not aware of during your recruitment and application process.

if this happens it doesn't mean that anyone is trying to cheat you, or that your school, service, or recruiter is bad.

it means there is something you must clarify before signing any additional paperwork.

Once you sign you are committed financially.

Just ask and clarify anything you don't understand.

Thanks for signing up and let's Go!

Speak English Today F1 Visa Course
Can You Get an F1 Visa?
Passing the Interview
Being Prepared
Your Email Answers
Key Questions Survey
Corrected Answers
How To Skype
Prepare for Skype
Your Strong Ties
How Will You Pay
Documents and Affidavits

What's included

  • 13 High quality lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Kevin Baratt